Weekly Events

Whilst the House Parties are the big-ticket events,
the CU is built around the regular weekly events
that happen in school and on the weekends

In School

The CU's activities in school are led by the Committee, a group of 8th form pupils who want to have their go at running the organisation. They are led by the Secretary, the head of the society.

Each week, the in-school events are an opportunity to meet boys from across the school, at raucous Tuesday lunchtime 'Tea Bars', reflective Wednesday discussions, or relaxed Friday meetings.

Friday meetings usually include a talk from an external speaker, followed by refreshments and games, usually Big Side football.

All of the weekly events are great fun, and a chance to keep the spirit of the House Parties alive in school. Friday meetings are an excellent way to end the week, so come along to the Chapel at 4:15pm, and bring your friends.

Sunday Meetings

As well as the in-school events, the House Party spirit lives on in the Sunday Meetings.

CU Sundays provide an excellent opportunity to meet Paulines and Old Paulines of all ages. They are run by a group of Old Paulines known as the 'Officers'.

We normally meet at 3:30pm at St Michael's Church Hall in Barnes. We start with games as people arrive, followed by a short meeting with an Officer or external speaker leading a meeting. Afterwards, it's tea and biscuits and playing more House Party games.

Once a month, we hold special Year Group Meetings ('YGMs') where boys meet together with others in their year group for a meal and catch up.

For more information, please email us at .

St Michael's Church Hall in Barnes
Elm Bank Gardens
SW13 0NX